Coaching . Giving

Part of my life's journey through sport and design as allowed me to spend time, build relationships, train, fail, learn and share some of sports highest level coaching. I have been working at trying to be the best since I was 11 years old when Tom Sims and my Mother slapped the Mt Dew and chips out of my hand and dragged me to the produce department to tell me "If you want to have your best runs in the finals this is what you eat." From that moment on I was hooked on trying to find the angles that would make my machine run better then my competitors. Form skating I competed for my 2nd World half pipe title traveling across the globe only to find myself 25 lbs under weight and collapsing from lack of proper rest, nutrition and planning or lack of planning and coaching. After Snowboarding I turned pro at golf playing on  the mini tours, but it wasn't until I meet and became friends with Masters & Open champion Zach Johnson and his team that I got the inside seat to world elite team work and scientific planning. 4 decades later I find myself working with the greatest minds in the Ironman world like Gino Cinco, and Matt Fitzgerald. I have written a book and training app for golfers called The Path which was my epiphany to planning and the 80/20 or polarization scheduling and coaching. It's remarkable how great you can be when you are rested and ready or peaking in the zone if you will. Hook up with me and I will change your world and the way you prepare for your peak moments in sport and life. I can't wait to blow your mind and see you go to the next level. Bert LaMar

"Bert is incredible to work with through his mindset and experience on a board skate and snow, on the course and iron man training. Focusing on the diligence of day in day out making the plan and following through it’s amazing to see the results."

Beaver Fleming, Professional skateboarder, Nitro Circus, X-Games & Olympic Qualifying hopeful.