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"After four decades of sport I finally realized that almost anyone can become a top level athlete if they are persistent, patient and passionate, BUT not everyone can become a leader and give back. It takes an extra effort to go above and beyond to share and give to others or charities or causes. My main goal with my Bert LaMar brand is to inspire other athletes to find a way to give back and become active in that cause that means something special and will make a positive impact on the world. I feel the best way to lead is by example. So here are my two main causes I like to focus on in my journey to give back, influence and try and make a positive difference." Bert LaMar, Founder Bert LaMar Co

Bert LaMar Athlete/Community Brand Leaders

Athlete/CBL: Bert LaMar

Sport: Ironman

Bio: Professional Skateboarder, Two time Half Pipe World Champion Snowboarder, Professional Golfer and currently Ironman.

Story: Bert was one of the youngest and first professional skateboarders to win vert bowl events and have a signature pro model board, the Sims Lamar board. Bert dominated the snowboard world winning back to back world championships in the half pipe discipline and then moving on to start an industry leading brand Lamar Snowboards. Bert then moved to Golf and quickly turned pro winning on the mini tours and other national level events. Bert is currently training at a professional level and has completed three full 140.6 Ironman events and has dreams of getting to the top at the Ironman Worlds in Kona Hawaii.

Giving Back: Bert has started the Bert LaMar Athlete CBL/Community Brand Leader program encouraging athletes to go beyond just sport and find a cause that reaches their heart and make a difference as a leader. Bert also donates money from all sales from his Bert LaMar apparel brand to the Sea Turtle Foundations, fighting to save the 7 endangered species. Bert also mentors a handful of select athletes with planning, team and focus including Olympic hopeful Beaver Fleming.

Athlete/CBL: Alex Hall

Sport: Marathon and Ultras

Bio: Marathon & Ultra Runner, Professional Trainer.

Story: Story:
Alex is a full-time student and part-time bartender and personal trainer. She is studying Kinesiology and plans to get a masters in Athletic Training. She always loved being active growing up, but it wasn’t until she underwent six foot surgeries and some serious health issues while in high school that she became passionate about running. Alex fell victim to depression, panic attacks, and anorexia. Her heart began to fail when she lost 20 lbs in a month and dropped
to a dangerous and life-threatening body fat percentage of 2%. After about six years of living with the ups and downs of anorexia and depression, Alex finally sought help. She had no choice but to fight the disorder and live, or let it take her. So she fought it. She got her life back and regained so much more of life than she knew there was. Running became her release and her reason to get healthy. Alex knows now that if she doesn’t fuel her body right and treat it well, then she cannot perform her best. She ran two sub 4-hour marathons in 2020 and now plans to start running some ultras. Alex believes that she can train her body to do anything that she sets her mind to.

Giving Back: Alex leads a very busy life, but that’s the way she likes it. She runs and trains in her free time and loves to meet others doing so. Personal Training and running with others allows her to meet and inspire new people along the way. In her future career of athletic training, she can’t wait to help other young athletes recover from injury and regain strength and passion like she did.