Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy:

"I have been creating unique products my entire life and I believe only the great ideas are born from the battle field." Designer Bert LaMar


I have created 3 fiber layer systems for all training elements.

Airé:  62° & Warmer Conditions

15% More Blood Flow On Warm Race/Training Days

Bert developed Airé after his first Ironman in Kona and researching the red blood flow needed to allow maximum red blood cell flow. Hemoglobin is the protein inside red blood cells. It carries oxygen. Red blood cells also remove carbon dioxide from your body, transporting it to the lungs for you to exhale.

Arié is Bert's engineered super spun, ultra soft, varying venting pattern. It is engineered mesh to allow for a 15% increase in oxygen flow. The competition wearing less breathable polyester might think they look cool, but in reality they are about 30% less cool then you if you are in Airé.

Wińd: 50° to 62° Wind Chill Conditions

For more warmth on cool training days.

Wińd reduces external air flow by over 12% acting as a natural solar heating system to reduce the wind chill factor. With smaller micro engineered fiber holes the fiber wicks the sweat molecules off the skin rapidly to keep the athlete dry and and traps the heat molecules or air flow by 12% acting as a thermal blanket warming your system on cool days.

Célsius: 49° & Colder

For cold race or training days.

Célsius was created from Bert's years of experience in the snow where he learned to maximize the fiber mills technology to build the worlds thinnest, yet warmest fiber layers made. Célsius has a micro furry outer layer that slows extreme wind chill from entering like a bears fur a middle layer that holds heat like the Wińd layer and Airé fibers on the skin to maximize sweat molecule moisture wicking. Dry, heat and wind bloc.