Our Story From The Heart

The Sea Turtle 

Our materials are made from recycled plastic bottles and ocean friendly inks. There are seven endangered Sea Turtles & it’s from pollution. We are dedicated to making sustainable performance apparel & helping the earth. Together we can be healthy with our sports, earth, relationships and life.

The Sea Turtle Represents: Longevity, Peace, Serenity, grounding, Ancient Wisdom & Emotional Strength.To my brand they draw focus on my mission to help make athletes and the world a beautiful place.

"I hope this will be my legacy brand where I can share my experiences, give my all to help you and the earth and maybe inspire some beauty and love along the way."

I'm blessed to be around such beautiful people as you.

Thank you for reading this.

Bert LaMar 


Our Founder, & Designer

Founded by designer Bert LaMar, a mulit-genre professional athlete & designer in skateboarding, snowboarding, golfing, and now 140.6 Ironman racing. Bert's products have been industry leaders in innovation, quality & style, sought out by the world's greatest athletes, celebrities and other brands. As always, Bert's focus remains on making the highest functioning products with unparalleled quality and trendsetting style. Bert is also dedicated to helping the environment through his use of recycled materials and protecting the sea turtles with donations from profits. Bert is giving back with his private coaching sessions where he shares time and his Zone Control program and book with select students, like Beaver Fleming Olympic Skateboarder hopeful and Bobby Kim, PGA Tour Hopeful.

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Decade one: Bert was a world class vert skateboarder at age 13 he was a leader in, winning world class events and inspiring the next generation of skaters like friend and fellow skater Tony Hawk, Stevie Cabellero, and John Cardiel. Even today Bert is a skate mentor to Beaver Fleming, mega ramp and park Olympic hopeful.

Decade two: Bert turned the snowboard world upside down when he won two world half pipe titles back-to-back in a colorful and powerful manner. Bert was the first snowboarder to command high level sponsor support from the big companies and was the apparel and board leader in design and creativity, creating his own company Lamar Snowboards, Bert oversaw all aspects of his brand, pioneering  revolutionary designs and concepts like sublimation, freestyle high back bindings, the first padded and cool snowboard pants (Yellow with white knee pads) that every rider from all over the world coveted, including top athletes from competitor brands.

Two Time World Half Pipe Champion Bert LaMar,

Breckenridge, Co World Championship

Decade three: Bert became a pro golfer on the mini tours & designer of golfs most unique, high end brand iliac golf. This lead to his own golf brand iliac Golf, which was dedicated to the best products for the worlds top pros. Bert quickly became the one to talk to for something special, unique, tour level and not available everywhere. Bert became friends and the designer for the world's best, including Zach Johnson (Masters & The Open Champion), Retief Goosen (2x US OPEN CHAMPION), Rory McILroy, Speith, Kim, and more. Many players with taste and style have used some of Bert's designs.

Decade four: Bert is designing product & training for Ironman events at the world's highest elite level for swim, bike & run athletes. Bert lives in San Diego which also is the mecca for Ironman professionals, coaches and support teams. Bert is currently being coached by Matt Fitzgerald, Gino Cinco, Don Kessler, and a few others with many years of high level experience. Bert's total immersion in training daily for his full 140.6 Ironman races is what separates him from other sports & lifestyle designers in the world.