The Leucadia Board Short . Black Lava

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Vibe: Feel the effortless movement as you cruise through your day of activity,  whatever that may look and feel like. Bert's modern day twist on the board short allows you to consider doing anything and everything in The Leucadia.

Fibers: With over 30 years of textile experience Bert believes in building his on materials and using the most current sustainable fibers. His ecosea-stretch is designed to feel ultra soft like silk on your skin, move in 360 degree angles, wick moisture efficiently off the skin and to the surface as well as be long lasting and sustainable and environmentally effective.

Sustainable: The Sea Turtle 🐢 

There are seven endangered Sea Turtles & it’s from pollution. We are dedicated to making sustainable performance apparel & helping the earth. Together we can be healthy with our sports, earth, relationships and life. A portion from your purchases goes to protecting the sea and wildlife.

Designer Notes: "I came up with this design to have short that I could literally do everything in with the emphasis on recovery. I needed a waistline that put zero tension on my skin and fascia. The fit had to feel as if I were naked to allow my body to recover in its most unrestricted form. I'm really into the little details like the way I cut the waist strap panels so they lean into your waistline and the V notch side leg cut outs to allow more movement with an athletic tapered fit." 

Bert LaMar, Designer